Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Hello Goes A Long Way

Today started as a normal Tuesday. I woke up late, ran around, spilled coffee on the front of my coat, tripped on the way to the T and was sort of asked out. Yes, you got that right. I was walking along in my lack of caffeine coma induced stupor by where you get the buses at the T station near my house.

I figured that someone would be passing me but he started to walk next to me and said hello. I was a little mystified. Is he talking to me? I said hello back and proceeded to have a little chit chatty conversation as I made way into the station. As I went to go through the pass area, he asked if I wanted to get dinner sometime.

I said to myself why not. I have been on some crazy dates. Can’t be any worse.  I gave him my number. He already called me at work. I did not get the call. I should call him back tonight I suppose.

I did not recognize his accent but I am thinking that he must be Middle Eastern. He also probably lives near me since he was also walking. 

Once I got on the Red Line, it was running with delays so it went back to being a typical Tuesday and my head was in my book that I am reading, The Wolves of Andover. Someone was leaning on the pole with his whole body and was practically sitting on my lap. A typical day on the good old MBTA.


  1. Sounds like typical public transport to me! Tell us all about your date:) At least it's going out there and meeting people. Extra friends can always come in handy.


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