Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Another Day, Another Guy

So, guess what happened to me again today?

I was walking down the escalator at North Station on my way to take the Orange Line from work over to my doctor’s appointment this afternoon. I was feeling pretty shitty and not looking my best. A man comes up besides me and said, “Hi, I am xxxxxx, how are you?”

I said hello back. He said he just got out of court and was acquitted on all charges thanks to his mother and mumbled something about drugs in the past. I said congratulations.

He said, “I am a nice guy, I have friends. I love women who wear boots, tights and a skirt. Would you like to go to the movies some times?”

I got asked out again. Granted the whole court thing and drugs totally are a no-go but still, am I am emitting some sort of vibe? Is it just that I actually talked to someone on the T?

I was feeling and probably looking horrible.

I am shocked. Really. Maybe I should get back into online dating or hit the bars again or just aimlessly ride around on the T all day.

The whole things flabbergasts me.


  1. I have had the same type of thing happen to me twice in the past two weeks too! So random! My two stories also involve public transportation - once I was on the train on my way to work and once I was waiting outside the subway for my boyfriend to pick me up! It's funny how the world works sometimes!

  2. That's so crazy! I think it's awesome, though. Definitely NOT because you talk to people - when I talk to people on the T they're never asking me out on dates!

    Do you think he realizes that the court/drugs thing is probably a deal breaker and wants to just get it out of the way first thing? He maybe needs some coaching on his approach. ;)

  3. thats really flattering :)

  4. Hey, I say take the flattery where you can...which seems to be everywhere right now. You probably weren't looking anywhere near as horrible as you think you were. Maybe you're just exuding a huge amount of confidence :) YAY you!


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