Sunday, October 16, 2011

5 Things: In A Different Time….

I have always suffered from the grass is green elsewhere syndrome. If only I lived there, or if only I‘d been born 100 years ago. I love history. I love reading historical fiction. I have been on quite a medieval reading kick lately.


(All from Goodreads)

Yes, there were Knights in White Satin (Mom’s favorite song) and chivalry with fair maidens and the like but really, would I have wanted to live in those time. I think not and here is why:

1. No Coffee!

Coffee had not been “discovered” since it is not mentioned in any of the books I have read. All they seem to drink is beer and wine. Where is the caffeine? Were they drunk all the time?

I know they would not have missed coffee since it was not yet around but my modern mind, no coffee = no Jen.

2. The Plague

I know it is still around today, but the thought that something could kill so many people so quickly scares me. Would I have survived period?

Today’s medicine has its problems, but really, we are lucky.

3. Spinster? Great-grandmother?

Girls where married at 13 or 14. I can’t imagine being married at 13 or 14 but it certainly was common. Being that I am 37 (relishing my last few days of being 37), I would either be a total spinster or possibly a nun if I remained unmarried like that or a great-grandmother by 37!

4. City Life

It wasn’t easy. Cities were filthy. We take for granted the luxuries that are around today. I watched one episode of Filthy Cities about London and was very happy, that Boston, while it may be a bit nasty in some areas (Downtown Crossing is one), it is no comparison.

I am a city gal but not THAT sort of city gal. I’d rather be in the country, which had its problems as well.

5. I would not be able to write this.

I am just a blue collar, lower middle class gal from a little depressing town south of Boston. A bus driver and a dishwasher’s daughter. Education was my way out. College was supposed to be a step up (that is a different discussion) but would a dishwasher’s daughter go to school then? Most likely not.

My grandmother in pre-World War II Italy, only went to school till the 3rd grade then worked on the farm. I think then I would definitely would not be able read not write had I lived 1,000 years ago.

That does not mean I wonder about my ancestors and that maybe if time travel was possible, I might want to go back for a little bit, but I am 21st century gal. I am not sure I would want to trade places with my grandmothers, one a Boston socialite and one an Italian farm gal.

Sometimes my depressed brain needs to be told it isn’t so bad.


  1. I've considered from time to time what it would be like to live in the past and, like you, my list of cons far outweighs my list of pros LOL!
    The 2 top cons are 1. No plumbing and 2. No electricity - no hair dryer? Egads!

  2. i love historical fiction, too, and often wonder how successful I might have been at living in those different time periods. Mostly Id rather be here now, but the visiting would be awesome!


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