Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Holy Moly

If there is one thing I am paranoid about, it is my moles.


The ones that I can see (and most I can not) are forever driving me to consult the ABCDs of moles. Today, I had my 6 month dermatologist skin check appointment.

I was hoping for a nice clean mole check. One of those go in, the dermatologist scans my body with these magnifying glasses and she says, “They all look ok.”

Unfortunately, that was not to be.

On my lower back was a funky looking mole I could not check myself or obsess over. Unfortunately, most of the moles I have are on my back or the back of my legs.  Since I can’t see them, I try not to worry about them.

This mole didn’t even see the sun, which really DOES NOT MATTER.

They took a picture of my mole and when she showed it to me, I thought, “Damn, that does look bad. Different colors, not asymmetrical….”

I have been through this before and I have two nasty looking but freckle covered scares on my left upper arm of moles that were severely atypical and had to get dug out.


I am hoping that this time, it is just an atypical mole and not the M word.

Sometimes, I wish I wasn’t pale, freckled and moly. If only I had inherited some skin from the Italian side.

So, if you are moly and fry like a lobster, as I do, please go get your moles checked. The M word is no joke.

I will know in 10 days if it is cancer or just getting funky.


  1. Praying it's just an atypical mole. Ten days is a long time to wait for results, hope you are able to put it out of your mind a bit.

  2. I'll be thinking of you while you are waiting for the results. 10 days is just cruel!


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