Thursday, September 8, 2011

Could You Resist This?

I can not resist this face. He is the true leader of my home.


I may not have someone to talk to on long Sunday afternoons but I have a purring furry beast to pet.

Do you have a pet? Have they helped you, especially if you do not have roommates like me?


  1. Oh my lordy, he is gorgeous!! Pretty face, cute paws. Can you tell I'm a cat person:)

  2. Such a sweet beastie! I have more than just *a* pet, I have a whole freakin' zoo! :) But I wouldn't trade them for anything!

  3. I love your handsome guy there; cute picture! I have Ribbit the Little Lion who is an orange tabby and thinks he is ferocious, and Princess Spooky the beautiful, albeit obese, long-haired royalty who is often attacked and abused by her brother. My cats are like my kids, since I have no kids and no significant other. I would be lost without them, and I love them dearly. But they would find me if I did get lost. I have the treats, after all. Temptations are like crack for cats. MOL - Meow Out Loud!

  4. Ack - he is so cute! Love tuxedo kitties. Aren't cats the best friends, though? Seriously, mine know just when I need them.

  5. My dog has helped me with the hardest of times. Even when I couldnt possibly take care of her, I did, because she is always there for me. Pets can be so important and yours is super cute!


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