Sunday, August 14, 2011

Lazy Sunday

I totally overslept this morning. Not that I had a time to be up  but 1 pm was not that time. I was up reading late and that is what I get, I suppose.

Last night, I was thinking of making some cosmetic changes to the blog. What? I don’t know.

I had also thought about taking some sort of web design class at a local community college or some place like it. I would love to get some new skills but don’t want to bankrupt myself. If you are near Boston, do you know of someplace to take a class or should I just buy some kind of book?

I am feeling kind of just there today. Not happy. Not sad. Just there. Sort of a 5 out of a 10. I went to Stop & Shop and bought some stuff until I can get food shopping. I have been watching TV and the shows range from documentaries on polygamist Mormons, Amish and former Amish and email order brides between Americans and Russians. It makes me want to be a crazy cat lady, it seems the better choice.

I have said this before. I think I am ready to delve back into online dating. I am not sure if I should use Match again, OK Cupid or jump onto EHarmony. Decisions, decisions.

How was your weekend?

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  1. I cried all weekend. I can't taste food (M reminded me that I upped my topamax by 100mg, so it helps to know that I'm not just so fucked up that I no longer taste food) so eating is hard.

    I stayed in bed from Friday night until this morning. In bed or on the deck in a chaise lounge.

  2. btw,I taught myself web design largely from books and viewing source code from other websites. I took a weekend Dreamweaver/Photoshop class once, for about $500. Made a living as a web designer for several years.

  3. I bet you could take a class at bunker hill. I just started okcupid yesterday, so we'll see how that goes


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