Sunday, July 24, 2011

I did it.

You remember this post?

I can cross another thing off. I am no longer a camping virgin.


I camped on Bumpkin Island with some new friends. After a thunderstorm and a missed ferry, I made it.


My camera never made it out of my duffel bag. The island didn’t have the same amount of cool ruins that a few other other islands have but there were hills aka bumpkins and I got a workout walking around. I am feeling it today.

I am also beat red and sunburned.

I slept on top of my sleeping bag and next time, it will be an air mattress of some time. 

My stomach is not feeling so well either. I think it should paid more attention to what I was eating. It is not made of steel.

More camping observations at some point tomorrow or the next day.

Do you like camping?


  1. I love camping. except when I am actually camping then its a love/hate thing

  2. Camping can be the perfect mix of fun and tedious should you have some troubles with your camp.

  3. LOVE camping, favorite holiday ever..I am suddenly reconsidering my plans for an eventual family camping trip ..


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