Monday, July 18, 2011

Damn You Sinuses!

I feel a cold coming on. Maybe that is why I felt so BLAH yesterday. I didn’t feel so bad today just my throat hurts and my head feels like it is going to explode.  It wouldn’t be this swing in temperatures, one day 95 then next 75,  that possibly is the culprit.

I am the type of person that gets all giddy at the thought of something I want to do. I am giddy about Blogher in a couple of weeks and I am giddy about something that crossed my email today.

The Binge Eating Disorder Association is having its 2012 Conference in Philadelphia in March 2012. I think I am going to go.  I just became a member. It makes sense. I write about my journey through treatment and there is an individual track. Plus, I have never been to Philadelphia. I am going to see about going.

I am going to go lay down because I am exhausted and some patchwork ice cream may help.


  1. I hope youre wrong about the cold, and I hope you get good rest tonight. Glad to hear about the conference, too. Take care of yourself, and Im looking forward to seeing you in a few weeks!

  2. Hope you feel better soon!

    And I'm sure you'd have a great time at the Binge Eating Disorder conference in Philly! Hopefully it's not too expensive and you can go.

  3. I read your title and had a fit of sneezing!Feel better soon xx :-) P

  4. Hope you feel better soon, Jen. How fun, Philadelphia and great conference. Get some rest. *hug*


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