Thursday, July 21, 2011



Yep, it is hot here!

Tomorrow is going to be one day I wish I had air conditioning. I am going to have to go to the movies after work or something.

I am going camping this weekend. I bought a warm weather sleeping bag, have a cooler with wheels and a lounge chair. I did not own a lounge chair. It is something I have needed for a while. I bought one because I never have one while tailgating, watching outdoor concerts, fireworks, hanging around. It is needed.

I didn’t go to my support group last night and I regret it. There was a social event I wanted to attend instead. Today I am feeling very down on myself.

I have to get my eating under control and not have the obsessive compulsive borderline very unhealthy practices of before. I have gained back every ounce that I have lost. I am having some health problems that I can mostly blame on my weight. There has to be a line that I can walk in between the two.

Have you ever gotten help for a binge eating and successfully lost weight while helping with the issues that caused the weight in the first place?

Anyone out there want a healthy living buddy?

I wish I knew what to do.


  1. Jen please be careful camping this weekend, this heat is terrible! Be sure to drink lots of water and rest in the shade.

    I lost nearly 60 pounds last year and have put some of it back on because I "relaxed" a bit about it. "Oh I can just have this one ___, it's no big deal. Well, those non-big deals have added up and I need to get serious again. If only it were as easy to lose as it is to gain! You can do it and I can too!

    Have a fun, safe weekend!

  2. Have fun camping, but be sure to stay hydrated! I'd love to meet up with you at the BlogHer conference. Maybe we could become healthy living buddies. I need a kick in the pants.


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