Tuesday, June 14, 2011

A Clogged Memory

I did not dwell on the number for the most part today. I wore that awesome Michael Kors dress to work today and froze but I looked good. The weather here in Boston is cold and wet. Mother Nature, we are at the end of June. The temperature is 55 degrees. It is not acceptable.

The other day, when I was shopping, I saw a pair of Dr. Scholl’s clogs. The old 1970s kind that my Mom loved.

They are back in style. I am a firm believer that most things from the 1970s and 1980s probably should stay in the 1970s and 1980s. I remember slipping them on and having feet that almost fit in the shoes. I thought they were sort of uncomfortable. (I had big ugly shoe feet, in the 1980’s, kids with wide feet suffered ugly shoes.) I remember the click clock sound they made as Mom walked across the floor. It is a good memory of my Mom. I wonder if Dr. Scholl’s has made them better.

It is amazing how one little thing can bring a flood of memories. At least this one is a good memory.

I am working from home tomorrow because Dad has an appointment with a stroke specialist and I am going to take him. Thursday morning there is a meeting at the nursing home that Dad wanted me to go to with him.

The good news is Friday at 5:00, I will be one happy redhead.


  1. What happens Friday at 5? Oh... WEEkEND!!!!

    I love this story. It's funnyhow the most random things can spur a floodgate of memories.

  2. Ah! I have exactly the same memory of my mum. I used to love those shoes. I am a bit of a vintage bird, so I wear all sorts of things from all periods of time. I am not a shoes girl though. I wear what my supersized feet feel comfortable in, regardless. But you have made me want to find a pair of those now! Tee hee. xx


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