Saturday, June 4, 2011

5 Things: Summer Loving

Summer may or may not have landed in Boston recently. The weather was hot last week but on the chilly side today. Thus is the wonderful weather in New England.

I am trying to embrace the positivity of summer. Winters are long and sometimes spring is non-existent so the short summer is really when I feel the best.  Todays 5 Things is brought to you by summer, the long lost cousin of seasons here in New England.

1. Frilly drinks.  Yep. Margaritas, sangria, daiquiris , mojitos or even plain old lemonade.

 from drunken monkey

2. Iced Coffee. Coffee is an absolute must for me. I am not one to drink iced coffee in midwinter like Dad and Secret Sister but in good weather it can’t be beat.

 from Mr. Ducke

3. Outdoor concerts. The Bank of America Pavilion in Boston is one of the best places to see a show during the summer. Ray LaMontagne last week was great.

4. Travel. I am doing some travelling this summer and that makes me excited.

I will be here in a few days. It is not Bora Bora but that is ok Smile .

5. Less clothes. I need to have a shirt, sweater, winter coat, etc. My laundry bill goes down since I am not washing all these clothes that I have to wear because I am cheap and don’t want to pay National Grid more then I already pay them. I just just wear a light top, skirt, and go. Simple. 


  1. You've included some of my favorite summer things. Hope you have a great time on the cruise and I hope to meet you at BlogHer 11.

  2. Frilly drinks and travel are some of my favorite summer things too :) My least favorite summer thing is probably the humidity in AL-even with less clothes on you still wind up miserable!

  3. Good stuff! Have you tried cold-brewed iced coffee? It basically entails steeping grounds in water overnight in the fridge. But the flavor and even the texture is very different (and very delicious). I can send you the NYTimes recipe if you want to try it. Highly recommended. Also recommended: make ice cubes from coffee to keep it from getting diluted (unless you brew double strength to allow for ice melt). Iced coffee is very popular in my household.


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