Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Tennis Anyone?

That little voice in the back of mind said, “Don’t do it!” when that tennis clinic email first came across my face. The most contact I have had with tennis was hitting a ball off my parent’s chimney when I was a kid. In the small blue collar South Shore of Boston town of Holbrook, tennis was not on the radar. I loved hitting that ball and maybe tennis was trying to get through at that time.

I did not listen to the negative nelly inside of me and I signed up. I am so glad I did. It was about 90 degrees that day and humid but I loved every minute of it.


The tennis was held in downtown Miami at the Brickell Tennis Club. It was put on by Wilson Tennis.


I LOVED IT! They helped a total beginner like me and gave me 1 on 1 lessons. I was really nervous that I would suck but I did surprising well. I played with slower children’s balls but really, I needed that. If only I can get myself a racket and find people to play with in Boston.




Sometimes you have to step out of your comfort zone. I did it! The negative nelly in me would not be heard.

I must have drank about 2 bottles of water after playing for 45 minutes. I was not used to the heat at all.

Driving to and from the event, we got rides in a Chevy Tahoe hybrid and the new Chevy Volt. The Volt was pretty cool.


I thought I had more pictures but sadly, none were of me playing tennis.

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  1. You can come practice tennis at the court in our complex--but wait until late fall or you'll overheat here in the desert. The clinic sounds fun! I'm also intrigued by your ride in a Volt. We are considering one as a second car but have yet to test drive. We love our hybrid, but electric sounds neat. If I could charge it on solar power, it'd be a dream!


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