Monday, May 9, 2011

7 Things I Learned at Bloggy Boot Camp

I attended Bloggy Boot Camp in Boston on Saturday and despite my fears that I talked about, it was really worth it. I learned a few things in the process and most of it was stuff I do does not optimize my blogging potential but honestly, my blog was not meant to optimized the direction a lot of blogs go.

Here’s a few things I learned:

1. Lists are good. Ha!

2. I should use pictures more. When I talk about depression or my other demons, I didn’t think I could really incorporate pictures.

by: Solaro


3. Pictures should have the right license for use if not your own pictures. The above picture if from Flickr, Creative Commons.

4. Someday I should get my own URL for Losing the Shadow. Blogger is not really preferable. I like blogger at the moment and I am not changing for now.

5. Bostonians have long URLs and blog names. Losing The Shadow Behind Me fits in that category.

6. My reason for blogging is that blogging is a form of therapy for me. That is why I started this blog. It is my journey getting healthy inside and out.

7. I met a lot of great bloggers and made some friends that I think could be lasting. I definitely networked. I didn’t let that voice in my head shut me up. I had a great time. I strongly recommend you attend one if it is your area.

So, I give it my two thumbs up.

I have started the Self-Compassion book and I can’t wait to write my first post about my thoughts tomorrow. I am finding it really interesting.


  1. It was fabulous to meet you and I'm looking forward to reading your blog! Good for you, going despite fears you may have had. I was afraid that the bloggers I love online and was meeting IRL for the first time would be waaaay cooler and funnier than me and I'd be totally tounge-tied around them. Which was basically true but they were awesome enough to hang out with me anyway. ;-)

  2. I agree with JD. Guess we all lucked out, huh? I'm cracking up right now, though... after having met you, I can now "hear" your voice when I read this post! ;) Thanks for hanging with the out-of-towners.

  3. I also give it two thumbs up! Great to meet you!!

  4. Wow I didn't realize there was such an art to blogging! I've just recently started my own so I appreciate the pointers. Like you, my main goal of blogging is the self-therapeutic aspect, but the more others can gain, the merrier.
    I enjoy your blog. (And I guess I am not alone. Congrats on having 100 fans!)

  5. Jen, so glad I had a chance to meet you. Like you, I didn't set set out to have an "optimized" blog, either (that whole discussion was eye-opener for me). I say go for the custom URL! : )

  6. It was nice meeting a fellow Bruins fan! You can totally get your own url and still be with Blogger. Go to and buy losing the It will switch over automatically and is only $10! That way you lose the "blogspot" from your url address.

  7. So glad we got to sit together at lunch. And, you don't have to leave blogger to get a .com!

    Would you believe it if I told you there were urls even LONGER than yours? ;)

    I am so glad you have found comfort in blogging and I look forward to hearing more about your latest endeavor!


  8. Jen: It was great meeting you! I too have a long blog name. I so want to shorten it, but oh well.

  9. Great lessons you picked up from BBC! I don't think we got to meet, but I enjoy your blog :)

  10. Awesome summary of what happened! I’ll bookmark this page so I can keep returning to it for little refreshers. I think it’s a good idea to go to different BBCs because I betcha each group, each one is different and there’s different parts that resonate with you..


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