Tuesday, April 5, 2011

A Stroke of Luck

Dad had another stroke. Thankfully, not as bad as what happened to him last summer, but this is the second one in 2 weeks! The emergency room nurse and the floor nurses recognized him from his visit a few weeks ago.  When the nurses start welcoming you back then you have spent too much time there. I have spent more time in Brigham & Women’s in the last 8 months then in my entire 36 previous years.

He was at least in good spirits when I went to see him. I went over after work, which was a busy day. We had a good talk.  At least I didn’t leave the hospital depressed and down. I don’t know when he will be released but he is being well taken care of.

I wrote what I ate down today. Day one of writing my food in a little notebook. I am obsessed with roasted Brussels sprouts. It was all I could think about on my way home. Move over broccoli, a new vegetable is in town.

I am exhausted. Time to read for a bit before I go to bed. I did some knitting on the subway home so today is a score on both the knitting and reading fronts.

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  1. Good job looking positive in what could have been a negative situation. -Kevin


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