Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Step 1

Today I had two appointments. One in the morning with my ob/gyn, all is well on that front. When asked to weigh in, I turned my back to the scale and did not see the number. Having that number swirl in my head while waiting 20 plus minutes in the room for the 5 minute appointment would not have been good.

The other one in the evening with my new nutritionist.I was a bit hesitant on how to proceed with the whole healthy eating thing without getting obsessed or self critical, which I have a little habit of doing.

She had asked me to write down my food for the week. I bought a cute little notebook and wrote everything down. Showing her, however, was hard. I was embarrassed by my choices. I tried to defend my choices even though she did not comment or anything.  While she was looking, I was talking away nervously about how I did this or that. She said it was alright. She wanted to see my patterns in eating.

We wrote down where I see myself in 1 year, 6 months, 2 months, 2 weeks from today. I said my primary goal with to be all around healthier i.e. mind, body and weight. I wanted to continue to attend my groups and get healthier.

We talked about portion sizes. I said that for most things, I am near the portion size. There are few things like peanut butter, chicken, rice, snacks, where I go over.

We talked about the hunger scale. I said I have times where I am so hungry that I eat so much. I let myself go for hours, especially on the weekends, not eating and at those times, I at the edges of the hunger zone. I should be in the middle. Never starving and never overly full.

She talked about handling cravings and I asked about emotional eating. That is my main problem. Food is not my friend. It is not my comforter. It is not there for me. She suggested when I am down and/or lonely, really my critical binge times, to knit or even blog to take my mind off of things. I like the idea of blogging. So I may be posting more if I need to.

My goals for this week:

1. Drink at least 36 ounces of water a day. I have a habit of drinking nothing but coffee and maybe a soda later in the afternoon. I have a water bottle and it holds 36 ounces.

2. Pay attention to my hunger signals.

3. Get more fruits and vegetables in daily.

That is it. Nothing overly fancy. I will still write down what I eat but I am not following anything at the moment. Just taking one day at a time.

One other little tidbit. When I went to Nordstrom’s for their bra fitting event, I bought a matching set of under things. I have never in my life worn matching under things. What a difference in attitude it makes. I just felt a little better. Not all dowdy. I may have to consider it more.

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  1. Drinking water always sounds like the simplest thing ever but I can never get all of it in. I look forward to hearing more about your nutritionist, I shudder to think what a nutritionist would say about what I eat in a day. I have problems with what I eat and how much I eat. I have often resolved to do better but have not yet accomplished it for any length of time. I hope you are more successful than I and perhaps I can learn from you. (no pressure though)


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