Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Peeps Attack!

Ever feel that peeps were secretly out to get you?

 Photo from keytaykat’s Flickr stream

They’re coming!

In all seriousness, in a moment of weakness, I bought these. At least they are gone now.


They were good.

My Dad, aka grump monster, was moved to rehab today. I got a call saying how he wasn’t following the rules in the hospital and if I had any influence to bring him to the rule abiding world. Ha! Most of the rules Dad did not want to follow were stuff he did not agree with and were created by one nurse in his weeklong stay. Dad will cooperate if needed. As if I have any influence over him, though he did say I was “in charge”. He wants to go home. He’ll cooperate.

I did not sign up for this parent minding job! Just kidding Dad.

Monique from My Social Anxiety Disorder posted a great post on 10 Reasons Not To Binge. I need to tattoo these on my arm or something. Perhaps, I should have read this post before I bought the Peepsters.


  1. I haven't seen the Peepsters-are they covered in chocolate? If so I am glad I didn't see them! I LOVE peeps, but I have to wait for them to get stale. Mmm. We bought one package this year and my son didn't like them. What? Weird! LOL

    Glad to hear that your Dad is one step closer to going home!

  2. Those Peepsters are GOOD! They are highly addictive...


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