Monday, April 11, 2011

One Down…..

As far as Mondays go, today was pretty good. I actually got a little dressed up for work today. Lately, I have been a corduroys (love them) or khakis gal at work, but I wore a dress today. Something I very rarely do. With the warmer weather, I am going to take more care in getting ready and get away from the dowdiness that has taken over.

I wanted to take a picture to prove that I was wearing the dress but I don’t have a full length mirror. As of now, while he is a very smart cat, Boots can not take a photo of me, if only he had opposable thumbs.

While I did manage to shower and put on the dress, I think I forgot the main thing. At work, I kept sniffing something. I was mainly alone in the office today and that something was me. Deodorant is almost as important as the clothes.

I also had the hiccups for 3 hours. I held my breath, drank water, did all the tricks to get rid of them but they just hung around. I have loud hiccups and it gets annoying after a while. Smelly and hiccupy describe my day.

It could be a lot worse and I will take it.

How was your Monday?


  1. three hours of hiccups seriously? I hope you are okay... I probably would have started crying lol.


  2. i think yesterday was dress day - several of us at my office were wearing them.


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