Friday, April 15, 2011

Lion Sappiness

I have mentioned before that I am slightly addicted to Nat Geo WILD. I watch these shows about lions and I get so involved. I root for the lions. I cry when one of them dies. I cry when the zebra goes down. That was what I did tonight.

My little “lion” is running around my apartment like a mad kitty. I also like “Little Lion Man” by Mumford and Sons. See a connection?

I was supposed to go clean a trail at a local state park tomorrow morning but my car has been telling me it is getting low on brake fluid so I am going to get that done instead of cleaning. It is Patriots' Day, a state holiday here in Massachusetts on Monday but unfortunately, I do not get a long weekend so I can’t take care of it on Monday. Sometimes you just got to get things done and brakes are pretty important.

I don’t have plans tomorrow either. The calm before the storm that begins next week. More on that tomorrow. Might as well take advantage off all the Nat Geo time while I can. Smile


  1. I cry over the Nat Geo shows too but I always root for the prey. I keep thinking that it will just go a bit faster and get away. I know the predators have to eat too but I just can't watch. And I always say the person filming should help when an animal is hurt but my hub says they shouldn't interfere with "nature." And he has forbidden me to watch "Emergency vets" because I lose my mind completely if someone's pet dies. And if an animal dies in a movie it usually bothers me more than if a human character dies. Gee, think I'm a bit of an animal lover too? ;-)

  2. Just to clarify, when I say my husband "forbids" me to watch "emergency vets", it's very tongue in cheek, because really? He just says "you know how you get." LOL


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