Friday, April 8, 2011

Cutting the Magazine Chord

I have talked about my magazine addiction in the past. It has gotten a little better but it is still going strong. I am thinking that it is time to cut the chord for my own sanity.

I am near the end of my subscription and will not be renewing these:


I can get a SLIM SEXY BODY with SLEEK ARMS! and a FLAT BELLY! and a FIRM BUTT! while STOPPING STRESS INSTANTLY. I love some of their articles but on the whole,

I could BOOST MY BODY IMAGE and get TIGHT TUSH, TONED THIGHS and of GET SLIM WITHOUT THE GYM and SATISFY MY SWEET TOOTH. They promise an awful lot in these magazines don’t they?


The name says all I need to know.


I am totally torn about this magazine but I must let it go.

Yep, even Redbook. Maybe it is because I am not married or have any kids but I just feel sort of inadequate when I read this. It was a new addition through Diet Coke points that I had to use but that is it.

I will keep:

I am a total dork but I love this magazine.

My knitting book addiction will be next Smile.

I could even pick up a few magazines:


I really like both these magazines and a subscription would be cheaper.  I know. I am supposed to breaking my addiction. Baby steps!

In other news, I realized tonight I neglected to send my cable bill in, as it was under some pages. Oops. I guess my Nat Geo Wild addiction will go on abrupt detox this weekend.


  1. This cracked me up. You can have too many and it probably a real good idea to thin out the collection. There were way too many mags around when I was growing up for anyone to read. My mom worked for NW and dad got free magazines all the time. There a billion different mazainzes too many! :)
    Love the pats!

    Crying With A Sense Of Human

  2. i can't read magazines because normally all they do is make me feel fat. but i suppose a knitting magazine wouldn't do that.


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