Friday, April 29, 2011

Animal Crackers with my Draft

Today is Friday. I did not wake up before the sun rose to watch that wedding, which was good because I was up late the last two nights watching 1. the Bruins beating those God damn Canadiens and 2. the first round of the draft. I know where my priorities are. Based on this, how can I be single? I would watch the draft with you. Hell, most of the guys I dated weren’t even interested in the draft.

That was actually how I spent tonight. Wine, animal crackers (my dinner, Barnum, only the best) and the draft. Kind of the calm before the storm of May that will be upon me. I gave up Nat Geo Wild for the night, only to play with my animal crackers a bit. How can I pass up that opportunity?

I had a therapy appointment this morning. It went ok. I got to talk about Dad and how I feel a bit overwhelmed and down. She told me that one of the facilitators from the Wednesday group called her about me being down and needing more support. I was surprised and a little happy that she called. The group gets deep down in me and it brings out a lot of sad down feeling but I tend to leave there feeling uplifted.

Instead of going every other week, I am going to go see her next week as well. It is probably for the best. I feel better getting it out of my system.

Sunday, is the big Walk for Hunger. Tomorrow will be a quiet day.  I have to be up early to walk 20 miles so no wild partying for me.


  1. 20 miles? wow! good luck :)

  2. Lol. You and my Hubs would make a good couple then - he's obsessed with the draft. I wish he had someone else to yap with about it! :o)

    How'd your 20 miles go?


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