Sunday, April 3, 2011

5 Things: The Weekend and Big Cats

What do the two things have in common? It was the weekend and my weekend was dominated by watching big cat shows on television.  You would be amazed how something on a TV show can totally effect my mood.

1. This clip from the show, Lions on the Edge, had me crying all afternoon.

I am not as strong as the cub, Junior.

2. Boots spent a lot of time in this position.

Boots on thigh

3. Which mean, I was in his preferable position, lying on my side so he could lay on my hip. I had planned to throw a lot of junk from my apartment out but I accomplished nothing. If I didn’t agree to meet Secret Sister for breakfast, I might have stayed in bed all day.

4. I tried to write this post yesterday but my computer froze last night and I didn’t have the patience or the will to reboot and try again so I just let it go.

5. This is a fairly lame 5 Things, mainly because I could not think of much and I have been crying over the above video most of the day.  It is sort of distressing how I can focus on everything yet nothing when I am sad. Being alone didn’t help.

Now, I am off to have some tea and hang with Boots, my buddy.

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  1. Your Boots looks a lot like my Shay. Good friends, those tuxedo beasties are :)


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