Sunday, March 6, 2011

The Week Ahead

Another weekend has come and gone. Sunday nights are hard and lonely. I watched Amazing Race and did some laundry and now, I am dreading the week. Though I see Pete Yorn on Tuesday night and I am excited about that. He is one of my favorite singers and his album, The Day I Forget is one of my favorites.  

I also bought a ticket to see Ray LaMontagne  in June. I love his music. I feel very connected to his music. Beg Borrow and Steal spoke to me. Last summer I saw him with David Grey and Ray stole the show. I have seen David a number of times but Ray just has the music style I love. I would love to get tickets for The Airborne Toxic Event in May but maybe 2 shows is enough for now, especially because I bought single tickets to both shows to go alone.

It doesn’t really bother me to be going alone. I am there to listen to the music and I’d rather see it alone then miss the show.

Another event this week is my appointment with the medication doctor to get my medications changed. That is a scary prospect. I have been on generic Prozac and Wellbutrin for years but something isn’t working since I have been low lately. Will I go into withdrawal? Will they just up my current meds? I don’t know. Something has got to change.

I will have stuff to talk about this week for sure. How is your week looking?


  1. Whoo, Welbutrin messed me up bad when they tried to put me on it! I've found Lexapro works best for me...hopefully if they change you over to something like that it'll help you get to feeling more like yourself!

  2. I spent years on Welbutrin until I had to go without insurance for a while and, therefore, without the pills. Hated being on them ... hated going cold turkey even more! Hope they find something that works for you!


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