Monday, March 28, 2011

A Visit at the Museum

Yesterday, I had the pleasure of visiting the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston. I had not been since the new Art of the Americas wing opened. I can’t tell you how much I liked the new wing. I am a John Singer Sargent fan and the art of the 19th and 20th century really made me happy.

I wandered around like a little kid on that floor. I loved this sheep weathervane that they had.

Then there was this door pane that I thought was gorgeous. Where can I get one?

And you thought pigs couldn’t fly! This carousel pig was cool.
While, I thought the camera police would accost me at any moment, they did let me take a few pictures here and there.

On the 20th century floor, this picture from the 70’s sums up the 70’s. Rainbows and colored lines were all over the place. It sort of reminds me of a fish.

There is even a big restaurant in the middle of museum. I should have tried it but I had eaten already. It looks like it could be a great people watching spot.
There is a new Chihuly exhibit coming to the MFA. This was basically all I got to see of the exhibit but I will go back to see the whole exhibit.

The glass “leaves” were really cool, I thought.

Thank you BzzAgent and the Museum of Fine Arts for sponsoring my trip to the museum. I really liked the new wing!

I also made another discovery today of the sweet kind. Luckily, there are 3 in the 1 serving package and it hit the spot in sugary goodness.
I hate it when I get near the bottom of my peanut butter jar because I don’t stir it properly and the bottom is always just one big clump of peanut butter without the benefit of being stirred. I need a better stir method. Not that it stops me from eating the said peanut butter.

I am feeling ok mood wise. Body wise not so ok. The mirror was not kind today. Tomorrow will be better.

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