Friday, March 25, 2011

Too Much Hospital Time

Dad went to the emergency room again today.  He was having massive pain in his abdominal area and he hasn’t had a few nights sleep in 3 days. They ran a lot of tests and could not find a reason why. They did find some nodules on his lungs that are perhaps scar tissue from previous pneumonia battles when he smoked 30 years ago. It was suggested he get them checked again in a year “just to be sure”.  The alternative is not very good.  He was tired, frustrated and in pain.

I am frustrated also. Probably the most important person in my life, my Dad is like the Mom I haven’t had in 20 years.  This cycle of going into the hospital every other week is hard. Dad is nervous. I am worried like crazy. It’s not going to get better soon.

Other than working while worrying and getting calls from Secret Sister and my brother all day long, today was a decent day. My mood was stable. I went for a great long walk at lunch with my blogging friend, Karin. On the way back to work, I hiked up and over Beacon Hill to get back to work. If I do that everyday, I will be in shape in no time.

I get my hair done tomorrow again. I may go with the red streaks again. I love the red it faded into. It is richer. I was a little afraid to go with the red streaks, but change is good. I may let it grow a little bit longer. I miss the ability to stick it up on non-wash days.

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  1. I hope that your Dad feels better soon Jen!


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