Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Something Uplifting

What a crazy couple of days! Last night, I helped Secret Sister with her taxes. I wasn’t going to really do anything but let her use my computer but something wasn’t right and I ended up fixing her taxes for her. I also did my brother’s taxes over the weekend. Tonight, I had to go over Dad’s to get the account that Mom’s SSD check is deposited in set up for online banking so we can automatically send a check each month to the nursing home. Most of her check goes to the nursing home as her monthly fee, in addition to Medicaid, but Dad hasn’t always remembered since the stroke.

I found out that my Dad actually did have a stroke a week ago. He went to a neurologist yesterday and the doctor disagreed with the emergency room. They didn’t even see his hemorrhage area in his brain from last summer.  Another thing to worry about. Dad was doing well tonight and was in generally good spirits. I ate dinner with him before I set the account up.

I love my family very much sometimes I can’t get away from them. They expect so much from me and I can’t live up to it.

I walked for a half an hour on the treadmill during my lunch break because I knew I would be going over Dad’s tonight. I feel better about myself when I do work out. Since I got to the gym last night,  that is two days in a row. I have been struggling in the self esteem department though and it gives it a little boost.

I stopped by Nordstrom tonight after visiting Dad. A message board friend of mine gave me a recommendation for Elomi bras and I went and found one I like. The are certainly uplifting. I am excited to have a good bra again. I am on the hunt now for sale priced Elomi bras.  The models on their website are gorgeous fuller figured women. Gives me hope!

Tomorrow morning I get the Mirena IUD inserted. Hopefully it will go well. If it will be like the biopsy last week, I hope I will make it through work after. That pain was bad maybe because I was not expecting to get a biopsy.




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  2. Good luck with the IUD! I had one put in about a year ago and it definitely hurt for about 30 seconds when it was inserted, but I went back to work after and didn't really have any problems (pain or cramping) after.


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