Thursday, March 24, 2011

Not Deterred

Today was not a bad day. It started on a bad note. Another morning of getting out of bed late. As I was running out the door, I spilled one of my coffees (yes) all over the one carpeted room in my apartment. Lovely. I quickly blotted it with a towel and moved on because I was late.

I got into work a little bit late, thanks to a back up at the Storrow Drive exit. Then things improved. I was busy and it kept my mind occupied. None of my tenants yelled at me, which is a plus. I went about my day kind of in my own little world. That is a good thing. Finally, I am starting to feel better. The change was needed. 

The last few days at work were a bit rocky to say the least. I work in a small department of Big Company and one of small department was let go unexpectedly. She had a lot of friends at our location and everyone has been a bit somber since.

Tomorrow is Friday. One of the few Fridays that I have nothing planned at night. I’ll take it.

I have found a new addiction:


I downloaded the Amazon App Store and after a bit of confusion, I download the game. Ugh. Something new to focus on. So far, the pigs are missing! I miss those sniveling pigs.

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