Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Mom Musings

Dad was sprung from the hospital today. I got a call at about 8 am from him asking if I could come get him at some point then he put the nurse on. We decided that 3:00 pm was a good time and off I went to pick him up at 3:00. He is still wheezy, coughing up a lung and sick but was in a better mood. I drove him home and went on the great medicine search of March 2011. You would think that the pharmacy would have the form of antibiotics that he needed but no. Eventually, I found them.

After I found the medicine, I brought it to him. We were talking about whether I knew as a kid what was going on with my parent’s marriage. I said I knew the basics and it affected me. We talked about Mom’s schizophrenic tendencies. I knew the basics but at 8 years old, I did not need to know, nor would I understand, the whole story. Some things are best left to the adults.

It makes me wonder now if my mental illness is something I inherited from her or was it her behavior that brought out that tendency in me? It definitely brought out the loner in me.

I am totally not blaming her. She was/is sick. I am fascinated by this. Maybe because I also have a fear of getting dementia like Mom and having no one to take care of me since I am single, unlike Dad taking care of Mom. I may have to do some research. Maybe I am genetically predisposed.

I felt better today. Not as many sharp debilitating pains today, just some constant slight pains. I will take it. I did have a killer headache today but I get those a lot and I get used to it.

I have been thinking of starting an online book group with my friend in Manitoba, Jodi. Is anyone interested? I think it would be cool to maybe read and post about the book etc.


  1. I would LOVE an online book club!!!

  2. I posted a list of some books i would like to read. I was thinking should we start a separate blog for the books?

  3. I'd join your book club! Are we friends on GoodReads already?


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