Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Holy Moly

Not much today. I went to the dermatologist this afternoon and none of my many moles are “suspicious” though moles are always suspicious to me. Seriously, if I am paranoid about anything, it is the moles. I am a walking advertisement for people who get skin cancer. Pale, freckled, moly, burned a lot, check, check, check, check.

I’ve been doing more walking,which is good for me and my soul. It is still cold here in Boston so I try to ignore that as much as I can and just do it. It is hard sometimes and I can be a bit wuss about the weather thing. 

I found a Weight Watchers product that I like. Imagine that!  I had a coupon and I love apple pie anything so I thought I would give this a try:


It passed my taste test. I suffer from eat the same thing over and over disease. I am trying to expand my horizon’s a bit and this was ok and had that apple pie taste!


  1. I've never had the WW brand, but the Kroger french apple pie yogurt tastes like dessert - yum!

  2. Seriously, Jen- we could be sisters...pale, freckled, moly, burned a lot...DH thinks I am paranoid for always wanting to go to the dermatologist, but...better safe than sorry, no? I babysat for a pilot who died from a malignant melanoma on his neck.

    Not the way I plan to go. Good for you for getting thme checked out!


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