Friday, March 11, 2011

An Eventful Few Days

On Tuesday night, I had the pleasure of going to see one of my all time favorite singers, Pete Yorn with Ben Kweller, The Wellspring and Anthony D’Amato.  I went by myself because I wanted to see the show and no one would go so why not?


Ben Kweller was cool. He even played an old song of his, Wasted & Ready and one of my favorite songs of his, Falling and I Don’t Know why.


Then there was Pete. Unfortunately, he did not play my favorite song of his, Chrystal Village, but he played a lot of others.


He played Life on a Chain, Strange Condition and some of his older stuff. He was wicked good. The show was a long one. It ran over 3 hours. This gal was tired by the end. I’m getting old!

Last night, I went to a Bruins versus Sabres game. The game was full of penalties and fighting. At two points, the Bruins were short two men on power plays. Come on guys, cut the penalties.


We had awesome sets 15 rows up near one of the goal posts.


I went with Secret Sister and she had a good time too!


Dad was admitted to the hospital last night for probable pneumonia. In the emergency room, the nurses were great. They even teased him that his new nickname would be Weazy. However today, he was in a panic. They found out that 20 years ago while in a local hospital for a procedure, he was exposed to TB. He went through the treatment for being exposed and got a certificate that he was clear. The doctors, however, think that TB needs to be ruled out so they have in isolated in this tiny room cavern and he is not being told anything. This makes him upset. Plus they sent in a psychiatrist to check his mental state that really made him mad. I am not sure what to do. We are trying to get a copy of the state certificate from the health department at their old town hall.

I also found out who some of my true friends are. Don’t people follow the if you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say it way of life anymore?  All I can say is that I do not have time for people like that in my life.

My therapist got my appointment this morning mixed up so I went but did not see her. I did see the med doctor later on that afternoon. We decided to up my Wellbutrin dose to 250 mg twice a day instead of the 150 twice a day. This is an attempt to get my up and going. She also wants me to go get my blood checks for anemia. When I was anemic before I slept a lot and it may have something to do with my sleeping. When I donated blood, I almost could not because of the iron levels in my blood. I will start the upped dosage this weekend.

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  1. I really like Ben Kweller! And I so love that you went alone. I've gone to one movie by myself, and I actually really liked it. It just felt like time for me. And I'm sorry to hear about your dad, I wish you and your family all good health!


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