Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Bundle Up, Get Out

When at first you don’t succeed, try, try again. I will try again tomorrow getting up with my alarm. I didn’t sleep as late as yesterday but my alarm did nothing to entice me out of my slumber and flannel sheets.  A big FAIL today will be a succeed tomorrow. (See I am trying!)

I felt ok today until the afternoon. The culprit of my depressed mood this afternoon was being stuck in the dungeon too long without seeing the light. It was cold! I work in a windowless, bad HVAC, leak prone dungeon. I feel better in the afternoon if I get out for a bit each day but today I went out briefly and decided to stay in. Note to Jen: Bundle up, get out.

I have been getting a lot of mail from Pampers offering me coupons. How I got on this list, I haven’t a clue. It does nothing but remind me that I am 37 and childless. It is what it is. If you could use diaper coupons, I’d be happy to send them to you when they come so I know they are being put to use.

I am run down and achy tonight. I may just go to be early. I hope I am not getting sick. Hanging around Dad so much may not have been a good thing.

On April 1, we start the book group! The first book is The God of Small Things. Stop on my the new book club blog, Online Bookworms, follow and join in. The list of books is diverse and listed ahead of time. We need a follower Smile

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  1. I am following!! I love love LOVE to read!!


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