Monday, March 21, 2011

Alarmed and Ready

This morning was a big fail in the waking up on the first alarm or any alarm. I didn’t even hear the alarm and woke up in a panic running around. GAH! Tomorrow is another day.  I did bring my breakfast/lunch and after this I will either knit or read.

I felt ok today. The extra 50 mg of Wellbutrin twice a day seems to be working. I haven’t had as many down days since the increase. Perhaps that was what was needed. The ok-ness today was good because today it also snowed, which is a huge downer for me. It is supposed to snow Wednesday and Thursday as well, typical New England spring I guess.

April is about a week away and starting next month, my life starts to get exciting! Beer & Bacon Festival tickets go on sale later this week and if you are in Boston, you should come! It was a wicked good time last year. The festival is April 30th.

I am competing in the Walk for Hunger the next day so why not! I’ll be walking 20 miles to walk off the beer and the bacon.

I was told a funny story the other by my father’s friend. When Dad was getting treated after driving around in his boxers and running out of gas, there were a few cops and 5 EMTS there. One of the EMTs recognized my Dad’s last name and asked if he had a daughter, Jennifer. That is me of course. He was asking if I was single, still lived in the area, all about me or so I am told.  Unfortunately, neither my Dad nor his friend could remember his name. Supposedly, I went to school with him. I am not sure if it was elementary school or high school but he knew me.

Now I am totally curious. Who was this EMT?

I wish I knew. I may have to hang around Weymouth ambulances to find out.

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