Saturday, March 5, 2011

5 Things: Wishes

I decided not to go out with MRI guy. He is not for me. He said about 6 words to me on the last date and one was about sex. I am not that desperate and I deserve better.

I got a new DVD player last weekend and watched Easy A as the first movie that played on it.  I will give in 4 out of 5 stars just because I liked it so much.

I also was listening to This American Life while running around doing errands today. One of the stories (not “acts” this week) was about an Israeli who wanted to knock on random doors saying that if a goldfish asked you for 3 wishes, what would you tell the goldfish. These are my 5 (because it must be) wishes for the goldfish:

1. I would meet a guy sort of like Ira Glass. Yes, because there would be so much to talk about and I would get along with him well.

2. Ginger Snap ice cream would have zero calories and be endless.

3. I could kick depression to the curb and free of the shadow forever.

4. I could turn back time and change everything. I would have kicked those boys in grade school where it hurts. I would have talked to my parents back then instead of locking myself in my room. I would have stayed at Bradley University for 4 (or possibly 5 years) instead of 2.5. I would have had Rochester guy move to me, and if he cared he would have.  I would be the same person but different.

5. I would want to move to where I could have a dog, yet not pay more.  Dogs of my choice would be:


 Yes a Rhodesian Ridgeback.

or perhaps

 A cairn terrier. My Dad gave my Mom one for their first wedding anniversary.

or perhaps in honor of my mixed heritage

 A mutt or two


  1. Dogs can be great company...and therapy. I am also fighting depression (among other things) so please know that you are not alone. I will follow your journey...please follow mine too at
    Hang in there...

  2. i LOVED "Easy A"! i loved the modern twist on "Scarlet Letter," one of my favorite books and the positive message it had.

    i am glad to hear that you said no thank you to MRI guy. you should never go out with someone and think "i can do better," because you are only doing a disservice to yourself. you CAN do better, and you deserve better.

    i got a mysterious package on Friday at work and i was absolutely delighted to see that it was my prize! holy smokes, i had no idea there would be so many goodies in there!! thank you! it made my day!

  3. I have a cairn - wonderful energetic little guys!!


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