Sunday, March 27, 2011

5 Things: Rewards

Throughout life, I haven’t rewarded myself for milestones. No weight loss rewards. No happiness rewards. No I made it through the week unscathed rewards. No rewards for not hitting someone on the subway.

That should change. Here are things I would reward myself with:

1. Curve ID jeans


I love the concept of these jeans and am looking for a pair that actually looks good on me but these would have to be weight loss reward because unfortunately, Levi’s does not make these in plus sizes.

I hate shopping for jeans otherwise. I rarely find something that fits that I don’t really notice if it looks good or not.

2. John Singer Sargent print

I went to the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston today and I fell in love with this painting. I would love to find a print of it somewhere. I bought another print of his at the museum today because I could not find this one.


Mrs. Charles E. Inches

3. Namaste bag

These bags are gorgeous. I seriously coveting one of the bags. This is the Monroe bag.


4. Jordana Paige bag

This one is the Knitter’s Satchel. I will make this a reward to work for.

 Jordana Paige


5. Donna Morgan Cap Sleeve Dress or really most clothes at Nordstrom.

I am going to be going on to SheCon in May and a cruise. I’ll need a new dress.

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  1. I am such a purse nut! I LOVE to buy new ones! I love the orange bag!
    I need to check into these Levi jeans! Do they have ones that give you a butt!? I have no butt...doesnt matter how much I weigh... no butt...sigh (I secretly would love to have a Kardashian butt! lol)


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