Saturday, March 12, 2011

5 Things: Family

For a glimpse into my life, I thought it would be cool to post some old pictures of family, relatives and God only knows.

1. Dad and his buddies. I could live vicariously through my father. He used to wear a beard in the winter when I was young. The picture was taken in the living room of the house I grew up in.

dad and buddies 

Dad is the first guy.



Dad is the one apparently passed out. My parents actually met when my Mom was in a car full of her girl friends and the driver knew my father, who was walking along the road. She stopped and my Dad got in the car next to my Mom. Mom thought he was going to throw up on her. That is the great beginning.

3. My grandfather was a dapper guy. He was Harvard educated and I never saw him dressed unlike he is dressed in the photo. He was dressed down because he did not have a bow tie on. I am the cute little girl next to him.

me and pop

4. My grandparents divorced when my Dad was a kid. My grandmother was from a very political family and her uncle was the governor of Massachusetts.

the governor

The governor is Paul Dever, the man without the hat. He was governor from 1948 – 1952 and was attorney general in Massachusetts before that. He ran for president in 1952 but obviously did not win.

5. This brings me to recent days. This is me and Secret Sister, who has been on the blog twice in recent days. Shhh, don’t tell her.

me and melinda

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  1. it's unreal how much you look like your dad!!!

    thanks for sharing these pictures!


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