Tuesday, February 22, 2011


I have been fidgeting around with Random Integer Generator for the last half hour and I can not get it to work properly, so I am just going to come out an say it. Kristen, #5, you win. You’ll see an email to get your shipping address from me soon.

So, I think change is kind of scary. Really scary. I am somewhat content. I rent my own place by myself. I am 99.9% self sufficient. Something has got to give in my life.

The morale at my job has hit an all time low. My entire department is not happy including myself. I know where I want to go on this one. After 9 years there, it is time for me to see what is out there.

I am taking steps to help my demons. Tomorrow is my first binge disorder/bulimia support group. I am going to start South Beach on Monday. I want to eat my fruit before I start so Monday it is.

This weekend I need to purge my apartment. Just get rid of stuff. If I haven’t touched it and it does not have sentimental value it will be donated, thrown out or put on Freecycle. 

I am tired of feeling out of control. Once I get on that slippery slope of depression, everything falls like dominos. I have to take control.




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