Tuesday, February 8, 2011


Today is another day. I have been waking up later and later each day and to top it off, I slept through 2 alarms. I used to pride myself on being early. It was part of me. Early Jen. Now, I am lucky to be close to on time. I need to  rig a trap to dump water or have Boots whack me in the head or something. I am even over sleeping on the weekends for things I want to go to like the stair climb. Ugh.

Speaking of the stair climb. I got the official results back. I was 961 out of 993. I will be smaller and have a better time next year. I guarantee it!
I have had a killer headache today. I haven’t had one like this since I have been taking the Topamax. I think I am going to give in and take one the pain pills I was prescribed before I go to bed. Plus my ears were ringing. I wonder who was talking about me?
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  1. Hey, you weren't LAST. That's all that counts in my book. :) Think of all the people that didn't even start!

    You can do this!!


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