Thursday, February 3, 2011

Lots of Grit


Remember how I said Boots has been acting weird? Well, this morning, I stumbled into the bathroom half asleep and without my glasses to what I thought was something that had fallen into the bathtub. Unfortunately, it was urine with blood in it from Boots.

That was straw that said something is seriously wrong. He has been excessively grooming his nether region and has been really straining to go to the bathroom when he was peeing in the box. Not good. So, instead of going into work, I took him, at the urging of my vet’s office, to the animal hospital.

After ultrasounds, blood tests, urine samples and other tests, it was found that he has a lot of grit in his bladder and urethra. Male cats have a very small urethra and it is a common problem the vet told me. For that and a $1,000, I have a sick meowing kitty.

He is my buddy. He has been with me through some dark times and has really brought me some happiness. I don’t know what my life would be now and if I would have gotten the help if I did not get Boots. He helped me a lot.


  1. I hope he is feeling better soon! I would be lost without my small dog Dixi! I know I have kids but Dixi loves me unconditionally and never talks back! ☺

  2. Our male cat had the same thing last summer (although we luckily got off with a much lower vet bill - no ultrasound for him). The good news is that once you get him on the meds he's feeling better super fast, and putting him on the right food will keep it from coming back! Glad you caught it before it became a worse problem!


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