Tuesday, February 15, 2011


I am really excited about my appointment at MEDA. I am hopeful that it will finally tackle some of my demons that years of therapy has not touched.

Today, I felt ok. I was alone in the office, which makes it hard for me to concentrate. I do better with people around. I did get a half hour in on the elliptical at lunch because I really needed to go food shopping tonight. As a whole, it was a 100% improvement over yesterday. I will take it.

Tune in tomorrow for another giveaway. Yes, I would do it tonight but I am knackered. (I love that word. I should do a 5 Things: Words I Love)

Did you know that Angry Birds updated and added levels on their Android version the other day? No, well now you do. Just when I had gotten through everything and was going in to find the few eggs I am missing by getting 3 stars everywhere. The pig should have a black hat. Bad guys always wear black hats!

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