Saturday, February 26, 2011

5 Things: Little Annoyances

Yes, I am a little annoyed today. I am not sure why but I am. Maybe it was Boots meowing at 4 am. Maybe the moon is in retrofit (I don’t know).  Here it goes.

1. On a website that ranks “Boston” neighborhoods, the neighborhoods supposedly in Boston are in Newton, Watertown, Medford. That is a little annoying as they are not part of Boston but what is even more annoying, is that Quincy, which is better then those areas and right next to Boston, isn’t even on the website. When is Quincy going to get some love?

2. I am tired of getting “College Girls Need Spanking” emails.

3. A while ago, I won a gift card to a local restaurant at my gym and I can not find it.

4. Depression is a thief and it sucks the life out of me.  I went to visit Mom and to get some fabric at JoAnn Fabric to use inside of some purses I am knitting.  I thought I brushed my hair, my teeth and looked ok but my glasses must have been fuzzy because when I got home, I realized I looked terrible. My hair was all over the place and not fresh looking. My clothes were so-so. When did I stop caring what I look like?

5. Saturday night home alone.


  1. {{JEN}} I really get what you are saying. I too spent another saturday night alone. And I think to myself WHAT do all those other people have that I don't?? BUT I try not to dwell on thoughts like that because I will make myself crazy!

    I envy your knitting...I tried crocheting but had zero patience. I hope today is a better day :)

  2. Cats are so good about those early-morning wake up calls! Mine started gnawing on my wrist early this morning because the food bowl was empty and "OMG we're gonna STARVE"! I hope you find your giftcard, and I'd love to see some pictures of the purses when you get them done! :)


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