Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Whine To Go With My Cheese

This post is going to be a little whiny. I am in a whiny type of mood.

I am so tired of winter.

I want to hibernate and stay under the flannel sheets all day. I see yellow snow that grows progressively yellow each time I pass it. I know exactly where the neighborhood dogs like to pee. We got a fresh coating of white over the black and yellow snow this morning. We need some melting not new snow!

I am a native Massachusetts gal. I lived through the infamous Blizzard of ‘78 and have listened to my Dad’s tales of driving on 128 not seeing anything in the middle of a snowstorm. I may whine a lot about the weather but it what we natives do best.

I am just at my breaking point where I am just a quibbling mess at the thought of more snow! We still have February, March and dare I say April to get through and I am decidedly not optimistic about it. The area kids will be in school until July.

I need an intervention of some kind. Plus I am getting all this “Take a romantic weekend for 2 here..” emails. Ugh. I have hit a breaking point in that regard. Don’t call me up after 2 months of no contact. Don’t expect to be FWBs. I am tired of it all and spending my days being a crazy cat lady is looking better and better.

This whine is over for now. Maybe I just need some wine or a nice strong martini or two or three.


  1. I am sick of winter too! I live in central Canada and in one of the coldest provinces going...ugh
    snow is crazy here (but to be honest not as crazy as it has been) and not nearly as cold as it has been! (-52*C in Winnipeg one year when hubby and I were in town for a week... UGH!) But every once in a while (and I mean once in a while...☺) we get a nice day with no wind, snow and even a bit of sun! I suck up those days like a kid with a slurpee and then sit back and wait til the next one!
    I hope you can find a 'ray of sunshine' to get you through the next few months! But for now move over and as you drink your martini or wine I will enjoy my margarita ... and we can pretend we are on a summer beach somewhere hot!☺

  2. I was talking to my mom today, and she was like, "This snow is God's way of telling us to slow down." And I have to say, I kind of agree with her. There's nothing more relaxing than a snowstorm - you don't have to go anywhere or do anything, and it's' a great excuse to watch just six more episodes of Say Yes to the Dress... especially when you have a nice glass of wine to go along!


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