Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Weekly Check In: Snowed In!

I lost .8 of a pound, bring my 2 week loss to 3.4. I will take it. I have been feeling fairly yucky and being in the middle of my period, I just a mess so losing an .8 of a pound is awesome.

Considering this is what is going on outside:


I am actually quiet tired of it. This is the second foot plus storm of the year. I know I moan about the weather a lot but Mother Nature, can you let up on it for a bit? Yes, it is winter in New England but stop for a week or two! The weather person said we will probably get another substantial snowstorm on Tuesday. Yuck!


This stuff has to melt! Bring on spring!

This sort of weather encourages hibernation. I have a hard time resisting. Honestly, I could stay in bed all day. I never quite understood insomnia because I have the opposite.  The warm flannel sheets beckon and have a hold on me. Humans were not meant to hibernate but perhaps I was. To resist, I have a boat of social events coming up and I have been to a boat load of stuff. Must keep busy to avoid the call of the bed.


  1. Congrats on the weight loss. We'll do it slowly but surely!

  2. I think the weather has put me in sort of a funk to as well as all the stress I have going on. But you came out with a loss, that is terrific!


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