Thursday, January 13, 2011

Red Velvet Goodness

Look what I found on my desk this afternoon when I came back from getting lunch!


Yes, it was a delicious red velvet mini-cupcake! It was from one of my tenants, Voltage Coffee & Art in Cambridge, along with a note for me. It was small and hit the right spot.

I had a little change in how I get my medication which has made things a lot easier for me. Before January 1, all maintenance type medications including my Prozac and Wellbutrin had to be obtained via mail order. I hated it. I would forget to mail in my script because there was never a renewal and once or twice, I had to wait a day or two between the last pill I had and when the new ones came. Now, I can get them at the drug store again, which is much more convenient for me even though I will pay a little more for the three months then getting three months via mail order. I haven’t been the most organized person as of late. This will help me.

I finished knitting the Gretel Tam from the Stitch ‘n Bitch Super Star Knitting book (I get nothing from Amazon for linking to them) and I just have to find a plate the right size to block it. All of my plates are either too big or too small.  See what I can do when I knit on the subway?


That was a quick knit!

I am really looking forward to the weekend. I know I should be busy but all I want to do is what mindless TV. Is that wrong?


  1. refilling scrips is my weakness too. I can barely even go get them in the stores!!!

  2. I am so with you there. I have some plans for tomorrow involving a hair/makeup/make over/photo shoot thing but after today and all the emotions I have dealt with over things I just want an day away from people and my tv (may maybe some nice chocolate....☺☺☺) but i will go to the thingy instead.

  3. I meant I was with you on wanting a day of mindless tv... sigh... no real train of thot...

  4. I am always forgetting to get my scripts filled so you are not alone on that one. I think it might be because I hate being on meds.


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