Sunday, January 23, 2011

5 Things: Randomness

1. I haven’t put away all of my Christmas stuff yet.  The closet needs to be rearranged and I am just avoiding it.

2. I spent last night watching Alaska State Troopers on Nat Geo while lying on the couch with a cat on my thigh doing something like this:

Boots on thigh

I miss the crazy days in my past where I would go out with friends and I would not be reduced to watching the Alaska State Troopers on TV.

3. My Dad is very worried about the cat on my thigh. He wants to know if I am keeping my heat high enough for said cat.  I would not think of freezing my cat. It is kept at 65 and the kitty is fine. He has fur. Dad is such a softie in his old age.

4.  I can cross off number 1 from my 5 Things: My To Do List last week. I gave blood at the Dedham Donor Center of the Red Cross. I almost wasn’t allowed to donate because my iron level was 12.3 but she tried the other hand it went up to 13 so it was a go for giving blood.  The phlebotomist said as she saw me taking this picture that she would have taken my picture while I was giving but I did have juice and a treat after:


I also got a free pound of coffee for giving, which I picked up after.

5. I knew there was a yarn store in Dedham but I have never been so I decided to stop by on my way home. When I found it, I loved this sheep out front.


I am sucker for things like this.

Close up

They also have a cute sign!

I am hunkering down for another foot of snow and wicked cold temperatures tomorrow. I can not wait until spring.

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  1. I love cute signs like that--and local specialty business like a yarn shop!


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