Saturday, January 15, 2011

5 Things: My To Do List

So there are lots of things I have never done but want to do and these I am going to cross of my I need to do list in 2011.

1. Give Blood

Yes, I have never given blood but I made an appointment to give blood next Saturday at the Red Cross so this should be the first off of my list. I have sort of been afraid of it.

2. Go camping.

I have never been camping. I have wanted to go but just have never had the opportunity to go. I live in New England with lots of camping opportunities so it should not be hard.


3. Learn to Crochet

I have signed up for a Beginning Crochet Class at The Creative Stitch in February. So cross that off the list soon too!

4. Use the broiler.

Another silly fear of mine.

5. I want to go on a road trip.

I love just getting in my car and driving. To where? I don’t know. Maybe I will drive to Canada since so many Canadians drive here or maybe I will head west and swing by Rottenchester (oops, Rochester) where I spent three years. The opportunities are endless.

What are some of your to dos?

Yesterday was National Delurker Day. Since I could not bare to turn the computer on after work last night and instead watched big cat shows on Nat Geo WILD, my new obsession, I am hoping some lurkers will say hello. Smile


  1. LOVE your things to do list!I will have to really think about somethings I want to do... That may be my next blog posting too! (thanks for the idea!☺)
    And BTW you should most definitely go to Canada! It is AMAZING here! But then I may be a bit prejudice...☺☺☺

  2. I am terrified of using my broiler. Like, what's the worst that could happen, right, but I'm just absolutely not going there.

  3. You've never been camping?? I LOVE camping!! Let's make a plan to do that this summer up in NH or something.


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