Sunday, December 26, 2010

Snowy View

I hope everyone had a Merry and safe Christmas and if you are in New England, a good blanket for a day like today. This is what is like outside of my door.


It’s snowing! The weather people are going crazy. News round the clock with nothing but stay off the roads.  Today was a good day to do some cleaning, set up my new red Wii and watch the Patriots clinch home field advantage. I am excited out the Wii. I have three games – Wii Sports, Super Mario Brothers and Wii Fit. Do you have any Wii games to recommend?

Christmas in the Jen household was quiet. There was only a little bit of family drama only to over by dinner. Secret Sister had be harping on my Dad buying my mother the wrong size night gown and she would just not let it go. It bothers Dad that she has to point out his problems over and over. By dinner, they were talking and not yelling. We had a nice ham dinner, exchanged gifts then my other sister, Theresa and my brother-in-law with the boys came over to have dessert and presents. Everyone was happy then I was left with a disaster.

I was productive today but lonely. I was trapped inside because of the snow and I just felt alone. I miss having someone this time of year especially when it is cold and snowy out. It must be the bad weather that brings it out or the fact I am stuck here with nothing but my thoughts. With New Years next week, I am going to think of goals for the year. I am ready to bring 2011 on.

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  1. Hi there, I am new to blogging and have just started writting a blog about my depression and anxiety and the battles that go with it. I can relate to the christmas drama, there is always drama at my christmas with family. I think my family wont want to spend christmas with me next year as my mood change from happiness to pure anger(Ican feel the daggers in my back now) and I find it very hard not to let it control me. Anyway drop by my blog, I would love to have some new blogging friends as I feel very alone. Thanks for your blog I look forward to reading more. Cheers Leannne from Oz


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