Tuesday, December 21, 2010

San Diego Bound in 2011

I have my new modem up and running finally. I have been plagued by computer problems it seems but I will put it behind me.

I bought my ticket for Blogher ‘11 in San Diego and booked my hotel room for a few extra days in San Diego. I am not flying out to the West Coast for two days only. I have to start to save my pennies now! The hotel room is going to be expensive.  It will give me something to strive for.  2011 is going to be a good year.

I am mostly done with Christmas shopping. I just have to get a gift card and a card to hold cash and I am done. Dad has been bragging about being done with shopping and how much I am going to like my gift. I am sure I will like anything I get. I have more gift giving anxiety then gift getting hatred.

Because I have spent some time wrapping and Boots has spent some time attacking the paper, ribbons, scissors and whatever else he can while I wrap, I bring this via my friend for your enjoyment:


I am feeling a bit better in general. I was talking to Dad today about being depressed. I talked about how it stalks me and it is a battle. He understood. Normally, he just tells me “cheer up” or to stop taking things so seriously, but not today. Telling me to cheer up, is like telling me I need to lose weight. I know. Don’t remind me. I remind myself all too often.

Speaking of that, I was looking in the mirror today and I said to myself that I am not half bad looking but when I look I look at a picture of myself, I despise the way I look. I hate the ugliness of 98% of the pictures of me. I am not the most photogenic of people, but the difference is striking I think.

I hope you are 98% done with your shopping. Stay away from the malls on Christmas Eve!

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