Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Pictures of animals help everything

In high school, I volunteered one afternoon a week at the VA Hospital in Brockton, MA and played games with the veterans, who lived there, as part of a religion class. Most were World War II paralyzed veterans. We listened to music, played games like Scrabble and I loved their stories. I wonder what happened to many of them.  

Part of what brought this up is I have been ruminating over my past but not really in the same way as before. I have been chewing my thoughts about some things I haven't thought about since it happened. Before, it was basically negative events in my life but now, it is a mix of things like what happened to those vets.

It does remind me of cows chewing hay.  Or when I searched for ruminating images, this gorgeous sheep came up. Maybe I should have stuck with the farmer way back when.

Tonight, I will be baking cookies though I am not sure how many. I have a potluck party at work Friday then I maybe have a cookie swap Friday night. If I have the cookie swap, tonight is my only time to bake but I am not sure the cookie swap is happening. To bake lots of cookies or not. It could be dangerous. Cookies and milk at Jen's apartment otherwise!

I should have email at home soon. Verizon is sending me a new modem. I will be getting flexible tubing at the hardware store for the cords. The war continues. He waits until I am gone to strike. Cats are quite smart and don't get enough credit sometimes.

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