Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Not Dreaming of a White Christmas

I am trying hard to get into the Christmas spirit but the snow is not helping. The one positive thing about the snow is that it is not 2 feet but it is a big nuisance because it is falling, creating miserable traffic because Boston drivers are not good at driving period, especially in the snow,  then you have crabby people on the subway. I am not one of the crabby people except when I found out I messed up my knitting pattern (I am knitting a tam) and I had to rip it out. Not good.

Another strange thing is that after a year of no activity on Plenty of Fish, I am being inundated with emails. Craziness. Where were these people 4 months ago? Most of them live in Rhode Island and based on my luck with the Rhode Island man aka the poofer, I am wary. What is about men from Rhode Island? Is there someone local? After all, based on local census numbers, there are lots of single people about.

I had my review at work. It was a so-so review. Yes, I have been disorganized, discombobulated and overloaded yet I didn’t really need to see it on paper. Time to get back to the productive Jen. I have never really been organized or not overloaded on the job but discombobulated should stop.  I got a small raise as well, which is good because last year I did not get a raise at all. 

It is getting down to the Christmas wire. Everyone ready?

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