Wednesday, December 1, 2010

In the Mindset

There is something about listening to the pouring rain hit the windows that brings me down. Maybe it just makes me lonely. The apartment is cold and I can hear the wind blowing outside. Maybe it is what’s going on with Dad or a combination of all three things.

Dad’s MRI went well. I am glad I went with because he needed help talking to the staff and I was there to help. He says I am his right hand woman now. I don’t mind helping even if he is a big pain sometimes. I am worried. His arm has been numb for a week. I hope it is not another stroke though.  I did not meet anyone at this MRI center. I only saw one man there, the MRI technician, who brought the disk out to Dad.

I want to copy my food journal from my WW Points Plus tracker to post on my blog but I can not figure out how to do it. I have seen it done on other blogs so I know it can be done. I am investigating it further. I stayed within my points but I spent 8 points on a grande non-fat peppermint mocha latte at Starbucks. I did not expect it to be 8 points but I also needed it to get my points and a needed dairy serving for the day.

I had a bad head ache tonight so I skipped the gym. I did download Cardio Trainer and JEFIT to my Droid. I took my measurements and will track workouts with both of those programs. Do you use either of them? Do you like them?

I need to take a new “before” photo. I will try to do that over the next couple of days. I am in full blown weight loss mode it seems. I am determined that this is the last time I will lose the weight. I am tired of going up and down like a yo-yo.

I am off to watch Top Chef. In the commercials, I am liking Marcel’s look, especially his eyes. I may have to cheer for his foams and all.

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