Tuesday, December 14, 2010

I am... (plus a little giveaway)

  • Strong - Yes I am. I have my self defense mechanisms but I have withstood a lot of family problems over the last 5 years, my Mom's death sentence and lots of personal trauma and I am still going strong. Hiccups happen.
  • Willing to admit I get lonely. Turning to food is not the answer. Food can not talk. Food does not laugh or purr. Food just makes me feel bad 2 minutes later.  Thank goodness I have the little chewer, Boots, because life would be 10 times lonelier.
  • Really behind on Christmas shopping. I have gift anxiety. Will they like it? What to get? The pressure can be overwhelming sometimes then I have fears they will hate it.
  • Without Internet at home due to the little chewer. The victim this time: my modem's power cord. The bitter spray is not working. Can I go to Home Depot or a place like it and get those flexible plastic hoses like they have on vacuum cleaners?
I have an unsponsored giveaway. I have to renew my Real Simple subscription and I can get a free subscription when I renew my subscription. If you would like a 12 month subscription to Real Simple, please leave a comment and I will randomly pick a winner on Saturday.


  1. Hang in there Jen...you are totally strong :)
    And I would like the real simple subscription :)

  2. You ARE strong!!!

    Try not to let the anxiety of the gift buying get to you. Maybe you could just brainstorm a bunch of ideas and then narrow it down.

    I would LOVE the Real Simple Subscription. It is a wonderful magazine! Such helpful tips and applicable to everyday life.

  3. Aw Jen - Happy Holidays - I behind on my stuff too - I need to go wander around and look, but that would require leaving the nice warm house, the nice warm car... :)

    I got a flexible hose type thing at a hardware store for JUST that problem - works great. Give the monster an ear scritchy from me.

    I've never read Real Simple - but if you do, it must be good.

    Anna (aka Cocogoddess)

  4. hang in their girly. You are so amazing and strong.


  5. Hang in there! Also, yes you can get corrugated plastic tubing at Lowe's. I have rabbits, and that stuff is my sanity saver :) I can't even begin to tell you how many cords it's saved, and it's cheap too!

  6. I totally understand where you're coming from. I'm having a tough time lately too, but if we hang in there, it will even out. Hope's the important thing ;)


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